Workbook 2: Movie Handling

This is the second workbook of the course series, which focus on movie loading and handling. The notebook can be run online in the google Colab environment by clicking on the "Open in Colab" button at the top of the script, which will redirect you to the colab environment (depending on your browser it may requite ctrl click or shift click). The colab environment has an active kernel, enabling you to execute code blocks, alter the code, and get a good hands-on experience with programming. You can always reload the workbook from this site, in case you want to reset.

IMPORTANT: Many of the interactive features of the hyperspy package are not available in the colab environment. These have therefore been disabled, which renders the code rather limited. To experience all of the interactive features, please install a local python installation and download the code to your own machine. You can find a guide for installing python here: and you can donwload the workbook via the button below: