In Situ Data Library


The databank comes from various contributors across the field of in situ EM. Some data is published and some unpublished, but we include both so that users can develop their coding skills and gain experience using real data. If you have any questions regarding a specific dataset, get in touch with either the admins or the contact listed as a part of the dataset information.

At the moment we have conventional TEM and STEM images (both low and high magnification), liquid and gas-phase TEM/STEM, heating and electrochemistry. If you have in situ data that you think would be a good example for this coursework and are happy to share it with the community, we would be glad to add it in the databank!

STEM image of a nanoparticle

The image is from a sample of ... acquired using a TEM at 200 keV in STEM mode.....

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